We know you are super excited to get your kiddos pictures!!! We understand that you have a lot of questions, so please see if we can help you by looking for your question and answer below.


We are out of town and/or are unable to get our order in by the due date:
You can order online. www.lilangelphoto.com/store > School Order Forms > (Your school)
If the order is late and you do not see your child's order form, use the late order form.  There is a $10 shipping and handling fee for any late orders.


I would like to order my child’s pictures but I have lost my proof:
We are able to upload your child’s images with an order form to a password protected site. I just need the school name, your child’s name, an image number if you have it, the class they are in and if no image number is available, a basic description of your child. I also need an email address for you as well as your name. You can email this to info@lilangelphoto.com.
I do not see any 4x6s in the A LA CARTE section, am I able to order those:
Yes you will just need to include a note with your order form that states which pose you would like the (3) 4x6’s to be. Make sure the note is large and obvious so our staff does not miss the substitution.


You took pictures of my child a while back, am I still able to purchase?
Yes, you can order online using our Late Order Form.  Go to www.lilangelphoto.com/store  >  School Order Forms  >  Late Order Form
What if I lost my order form from that time?
We can upload your child’s pictures to a password protected site. If you do not have the image number we will need the school, your child’s name, your child’s class at the time, and a brief description of your child as well as the outfit they were in.

If I order online, will I get my pictures faster?

We deliver all of the pictures to the school at one time, typically this is 3-5 weeks after the due date.  If you pay for alternate shipping, it will still be delivered 3-5 weeks after the due date.  


Can we have our digital images emailed to us?  

Yes, put it in the special instructions with the email address to send it to.